Quote dated 2011-06-08 detailing removal of Tornado, West Virginia from GNIS

We have investigated this matter with our colleagues at the Census Bureau and with others. After considerable discussion, here is what we’ve done in GNIS:

–Made the entry for Tornado Census Designated Place “historical” (also changed the Census Class Code to X0) and added Tornado Census Designated Place as a variant of Upper Falls Census Designated Place.

–Deleted the entry for Tornado classified as a Populated Place (Tornado was already a variant of Upper Falls-Populated Place); it was determined to be an error of compilation during Phase II data collection for West Virginia, and should have been entered as a variant of Upper Falls at the time.

GNIS Manager
Geographic Names Information System
United States Geological Survey
United States Department of the Interior
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, Virginia 20192

[This e-mail message is permanently archived here for historical reference by Upper Falls Community Association.]

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